Since our founding in 2009, Click Asia has grown to become a 10+ person performance focused digital marketing agency offering a suite of integrated, high performance marketing services to small and large companies globally.

Our international team of professionals has proven experience marketing in both Asia and abroad. Working seamlessly with our clients to advise, strategize and implement objectives.

We offer access to know-how and services for clients who would like to outsource management of their entire online marketing efforts. By ensuring your online creative, media spend, search and affiliate programs are centrally managed and tracked, Click Asia is able to effortlessly help you achieve success in a way that no one else can, by leveraging campaign knowledge and data across all your channels to increase your ROI.

We are a nimble company small enough to be flexible and fully engaged in all of our projects, often travelling Asia, keeping up to date with all the latest developments in the online business and digital media sector.

The Chinese and Japanese markets can be the largest and most lucrative in the world. For many international companies, successfully entering and establishing sales and marketing activities in China or Japan and Asia in general can be a huge challenge, due in no small part to the significant language and cultural differences in how business is done here.