PPC Pay Per Click Management

Google Adwords Management (PPC Pay Per Click)

There are a limited number of advertising mediums that can deliver absolutely relevant results in an almost real-time fashion.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising can do this and usually at a fraction of the cost when compared to other methods.

The Pay Per Click method of advertising has become popular among internet marketers; this is partially due to the flexibility of the medium. Large corporations, small firms and even individuals can easily use the PPC advertising method to drive traffic, create leads, make sales, or all of the above.

Because of its responsiveness, PPC can quickly be used to test new websites or new content without the time needed for natural search engine results to take effect.

Asia SEO currently houses a team of experienced PPC professionals dedicated to finding results for our clients. We have regularly taken over PPC accounts of competitors and turned them into viable cash-pipes for the companies who owned them.

Keyword Planning & Management 
Just like SEO, PPC planning has keyword research at its heart. With strategically selected and researched keywords, a PPC campaign has a better chance of success than one with poorly chosen keywords but terrific management. An additional benefit of spending time on choosing the right keywords is their cost performance. This is why we at Aisa SEO we keep keyword planning at the forefront of each and every PPC campaign.

Copy Development & Analysis
Effective copy is as crucial to PPC as it is to any sort of advertising. Well written copy that is relevant to searched keyword or keyword phrases can significantly boost click-through rates. Fortunately, good copy need not come from guess work. Asia SEO consistently tests the uses copy to see what works and what doesn’t. This knowledge is then used to optimize an account.

Bid & Budget Management
PPC is not a crude ‘this is how much a click costs’ advertising tool as many advertising agencies treat it. When properly handled, PPC is a leveraging tool for your business. Well- managed, it can not only completely pay for itself but also generate a large stream of revenue in a relatively short period of time. Asia SEO constantly watches our clients’ accounts and bids to determine their best position and usage.

Reporting & Analysis
Although the PPC results can be almost instantaneous, the proper copy testing and overall account optimization take constant and sustained effort. Well-designed and comprehensive PPC reports are critical for understanding the progress and overall improvement of your PPC campaign. With clear reports and data, proper analysis can be made and steps can be taken to quickly adjust the necessary variables.