Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Within recent years, Affiliate Marketing has become one of the most popular and sought after online marketing methods.

A well managed and executed affiliate program can not only boost a site’s traffic several fold but also generate many more sales than would be otherwise difficult for that site alone.

At its core, Affiliate Marketing is a system of revenue sharing between one site, the affiliate, and another site, the advertiser. The affiliate is usually a publisher whose website’s ads feature content designed to drive traffic to the advertiser’s site. The affiliate will then receive a fee based on the amount of traffic generated, sales made and/or leads produced.

Click Asia’s Affiliate Marketing Service is uniquely designed to make the most of the affiliate system. We have in-depth experience ranging from technical set up to commission structuring and affiliate partner recruitment. All of these steps are vital to the success of any affiliate program.

Click Asia also provides our clients with comprehensive and easy to understand affiliate reports to help you track progress, affiliate sales, and to aid in deciding on the proper affiliate strategy optimization.

Campaign Planning & Optimization
At the heart of any affiliate campaign is the planning process. A properly orchestrated campaign will be structured to garner the maximum possible profit from having an affiliate program set up. At Asia SEO we take an approach that assumes, “if you are making only 70% of what you could be, you are actually loosing 30% of your profits.” Another important step in the affiliate campaign is its optimization: making the most out of its structure.

Affiliate Program Management
The simplest math will quickly reveal the benefits of a properly managed affiliate program. By increasing the number of active affiliate partners by even moderate amounts, potential conversion numbers can skyrocket. This is due to the cumulative nature of increasing active affiliates; the effect compounds. This is also where a lot of inexperienced merchants take a bad turn. While employing a profitable affiliate program is admirable, Asia SEO takes affiliate program management one step further; we strive to make your affiliate program into the single largest profit-generating internet strategy your company engages in.

Affiliate Recruitment
Although a large part of your affiliate program will be fully automated – leaving you to simply approve or reject the transactions made – it is imperative that new affiliate partners be constantly recruited to your affiliate pool. This is the pro-active approach to running the affiliate program that Asia SEO practices. By recruiting selected sites, your affiliate program will grow much faster than it would if simply left on automatic-pilot.

Reporting & Analysis
In order to optimize your affiliate campaign, its results and performance indicators need to be thoroughly understood and analyzed. Asia SEO can generate comprehensive monthly reports on the status and performance of your affiliate program. We combine available data with other analytical tools to further research the makeup and character of the traffic generated from your affiliate partners. With proper analysis, strong and weak points of your affiliate program can be identified and corrected.

International Affiliate Management
Through its extensive international network of partners, Asia SEO possesses an exclusive ability to manage affiliate programs not only in Japan but also throughout Asia. This can vastly improve the performance of an internationally-run affiliate program, as well as making program management, optimization and reporting easier and more efficient.

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