Web analytics provides the dashboard and intelligence for any online business.

Whether it is benchmarking website performance; analyzing customer or marketing channel conversion or simply getting a better understanding of the activity taking place on your website, Web Analytics has a crucial role to play.

Given this importance, Click Asia provides a range of services to help our clients gain the best possible advantage in these areas:

  • – Web Analytics Implementation & development
  • – Log File Analysis & Reporting
  • – Conversion Analysis

Web Analytics Implementation & Development
Today, tracking a website’s performance goes far beyond standard measurements such as the number of daily visitors. In-depth and precise information on your website & marketing channel performance has become a valuable tool in maximizing your online marketing activity and outsmarting / outperforming your competition. With multiple technologies, tracking and reporting sources required to support many online activities; trying to create a centralized view of this data and performance can be a real challenge.

To help you do just that, Click Asia can help you select, implement and integrate the right web analytics approach to ensure you have all the best data available to make key decisions. We both partner and utilize a wide range of state-of-the-art commercial solutions and have developed many of our own unique custom proprietary solutions for more specialized requirements. We can help you to distill and integrate analysis requirements across multiple marketing programs – search, affiliate and online advertising tracking to allow you to centrally manage and visualize online marketing through to conversion in a single place.

Log File Analysis & Reporting
An integral part of the start of any search engine or online marketing campaign is a systematic analysis of your website’s log files. It is within these files that the lifeblood of your user base is contained. An accurate analysis of your log files will determine if you are using the best online marketing tactics to promote your products and services. More importantly, results of this analysis will further determine if you are accurately targeting the right users and what untapped opportunities you may be able to take advantage of.

Click Asia can provide detailed, comprehensive log-analysis and reporting for you on an ongoing basis to help interpret this data. We work to benchmark current performance, integrate other reporting sources and highlight the necessary steps and opportunities required to further maximize site and marketing channel effectiveness.

Conversion Analysis
One of the key metrics used for evaluating the performance of most commercial websites is a site’s conversion effectiveness. The higher the conversion rate, the more profit the site generates. Click Asia has found that at times minor changes to the website’s graphical layout or messaging can increase this conversion rate by as much as 100%. Analyzing the site from various angles and possible customer pathways is therefore essential to determine what action steps are possible to optimize this process.

Increasing conversion takes skill and testing, at times the most effective strategies for increasing conversion can be counterintuitive. This is why Click Asia has developed unique processes to isolate the key areas of the site that may affect the conversion rate. Our consultants and a team of experts will thoroughly test and analyze your site to provide a comprehensive report with implementation and optimization recommendations.

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