Chinese Investor Lead Generation

We first launched our Chinese investor lead generation campaign over 10 years ago in early 2011, unbeknown to the Chinese overseas property investment boom that followed.

Our first campaign was targeting investors for London property investments for which we created a Chinese language website on a .co.uk domain with content relating to the process of investing in London property from a Chinese investor prospective.

Being one of the first websites on the topic of London Property Investment in the Chinese language gave us the first mover advantage to achieve the #1 spot on Google and Baidu the Chinese search engine.

Achieving first position and first page organic SEO rankings allowed us to generate hundreds of enquiries from Chinese property investors without any additional ad spend and also allowed us to collect vitally important data on popular search terms, user trends and demographics that was used to help us to expand to paid advertising campaigns that went on to generate thousands of Chinese property investor leads for London properties.