Chinese Lead Generation Form Best Practices

When creating your Chinese lead generation forms for your marketing campaign, here are a number of things to consider to ensure you successfully capture every possible Chinese lead.

1) Turn off E-mail validation on your lead capture forms.
We receive a considerable amount of Email addresses which would have been rejected had E-mail validation been enabled, these entries had minor mistakes in Email formatting and spellings that we was easily able to correct and follow up on the lead.

2) Disable Captcha Human Verification.
Captcha Human Verification forms block spam, and on occasions they block real humans who are unable to clearly read them. One of our clients disabled Captcha on there Chinese lead generation form and leads increased by 40%, they previously had a Captcha form using English words that many Chinese had difficulty in reading.

3) Request WeChat ID’s
WeChat has taken off in China and has become a very popular and effective way of communicating with your Chinese leads. Its also recommended that you place your WeChat QR code on the lead form submission success page.

4) Remove any Facebook Twitter, Youtube or Google Plus features.
Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are blocked in Mainland China and having any of these features on your lead generation page could interfere with the user being able to load the page or submit the form successfully. Alternatively you can integrate the Chinese alternatives Weibo and Youku.

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