Chinese SEO for Baidu Ranking Results in Success for Overseas Real Estate Sales


Just a quick message to our Affiliates, Publishers and Advertisers can win the battle with Baidu SEO! 

In 2011 we setup a small website for one of our advertisers to target Chinese investors for overseas real estate purchases. We setup the website with just a few pages of Chinese content and updated it regularly, after around 6 months we started to appear on the first page of Baidu for the desired keywords and was first on Baidu a further 6 months later.

Fast forward to 2013 and this website has held its first place position on Baidu for organic search results and has generated over 400 leads which has resulted in the sale of over $8,000,000 in real estate sales to Chinese investors.

Interesting things to note are that:

1) The website was not hosted in China.
2) The website used a European domain name extension.


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