Expat Lead Generation

If expats were a country, that country would be one of the most wealthy and mobile in the world.
You don’t know them, or when they are coming and they don’t know you or the local market. – you are invisible to them and so are your competitors, and thats your opportunity.

Expat Lead Generation

Marketing to expats in has always been a challenge – they are hard to reach through traditional advertising channels.

Due to the increase of international migration, the expatriate market segment has become an important target for many companies across different sectors, and there are more and more companies running specialized expat marketing campaigns.

They are a niche demographic located all over the world and regularly on the move, with the same needs as normal consumers and a good proportion being high-net-worth and less price sensitive than the local population.

Expats regularly search online for information and service providers that can assist them with their life in their new country of living. This is the perfect time to get your company known, identify the client, connect with and get your message across.

Content Marketing to Expats
As research has shown that expats regularly search online before making a final decision on a product purchase or service, the internet is awash with active forms and blogs with active expat users returning to share information, reviews on local products or services. Some companies over promote on these sites and end up being banned by the administrators, other simply don’t have the resources or knowledge to engage with these online communities.

Editorials and Press Releases are the perfect tool to get your company in-front of these users. They have always been some of the most powerful sales tools both offline in magazines and newspapers and online and can ensure that expats searching online become aware of the product or service you provide, or to simply re-enforce their confidence in your company.

Online articles also have ability to prompt immediate action from the user, weather that be to make a purchase, complete a inquiry form or share with their social network.

Expat Lead Generation

Expats come and go, they often arrive in a new country fresh without any local brand recognition or loyalty and usually choose the first business they find that they feel can serve them.