Online Advertising

Performance marketing and driving results online is the basis of the Click Asia’s philosophy; this extends to helping our clients find a cohesive approach towards establishing a customer’s brand and implementing other advertising programs online.

Click Asia provides an integrated range of media services designed to help customers reach, target and communicate with their consumers online.

Click Asia has extensive relationships with the major Ad networks, portals and premium websites in Japan and has extensive experience in planning and incorporating advertising campaigns that will support your other marketing initiatives and objectives.

We also offer a range of custom advertising solutions across other channels, such as blogs and mobile services; Click Asia has widespread experience in creating appealing and unique online advertising opportunities for our clients that help them achieve their goals.

Digital Media Campaign Planning
Your online advertising budget is an investment and thus, should be treated like one. Once again, proper planning is the key to success. Click Asia has a separate dedicated online media team with many years of international online media experience that constantly monitors performance, prices and any trends that may influence your account’s performance. Combined with our tracking solutions the results can quickly be checked against the original plan to see their performance.

Media Planning/Buying
Buying media is a focused skill which requires a thorough understanding of your target clients, consumer behavior, the media, and the criteria used to measure the value of website positioning. Click Asia’s team of specialists analyze the major advertising media options, determine how to target media to meet your online advertising needs, project advertising results in advance of your online advertising campaign. At Click Asia, we have the tools necessary to make informed media buying decisions, which will lead to increased profitability for your organization.

Creative Design & Execution
The most important parts of an online media campaign still adhere to the classic principle of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). By not capturing the viewer’s attention, there is really no way of realising the other three steps. This is why proper creative design is so important. Click Asia works with some of the best designers in the business to make sure the design and creation of your online ads works. From simple banners, landing pages to mini-web sites, Click Asia’s graphic team and a network of experienced copywriters and artists can ensure that the creative execution of your online advertising stays far above your competition.

Mobile Strategy
Asia, especially Japan is famous for its cell-phone culture. Its use is far more extensive than in most other countries. Here mobile advertising is not just another tech gimmick. Being relatively new, this particular medium still offers some of the best ROI in internet marketing. Through its extensive know-how of new technologies, Click Asia possesses the capacity to properly manage your mobile advertising strategy.

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